Will Apps Kill the TV Star? TV Host James Kerley weighs in on the rise of vertical content usage by Millennials in Australia

For Immediate Release | 27 July 2018

According to the 2018 Global Digital Report by Hootsuite, Australian mobile penetration is at 78%, a 7% increase from the year prior. Curious about the correlation between mobile use and the impact on traditional media globally, Sydney based media entrepreneur James Kerley spent time in the home of broadcasting, California, USA earlier this year researching emerging global trends in the space.

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What he found is alarming; Millennials are flocking to their digital devices as a source of entertainment. The 2017 Deloitte Media Consumer Survey stated that the influence of TV has fallen 10% overall since 2013, a downward trend. According the 2018 Global Digital Report, Australians are now spending 5 hours and 34 minutes daily on the internet, making it no surprise that consumers are demanding content to be delivered right into their hands. Off the back of this, James teamed up with global vertical content giant Zenjoy to bring one of their most popular applications in the world, Cash Show AU to Australia.

The show is the first of its kind to launch in Australia, for Australians. Delivered via vertical content (smartphone or tablet), the local launch piggybacks off the phenomenal success of its US, UK, German, French and Japanese counterparts. Cash Show Australia is a daily online show and globally has been downloaded over 10 million times.

“Eyeballs are shifting to vertical content quicker than you can say ‘What’s a TV? With the rise of digital content delivery through Instagram TV, as well as the increasingly portable portals like Youtube and SVODs like Netflix, consumers are turning to their phones, tablets and computers to digest media and entertainment. I've been in the media industry for 15 years and have never seen a shift like this. It's exciting. Who dares to innovate, wins."

James Kerley spoke with Matt Kean, the NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation in an interview on Instagram TV. The Minister gave his upbeat comments on the closing gap of Australia keeping up with the US in terms of technology:

“There are a lot of exciting things going on in NSW and there needs to be. Our economy is in transition and we need to ensure we are able to continue to compete and keep our living standards high, so that is why we are investing in technology and infrastructure that will turbocharge our economy and set it up for the innovation revolution which is here” - said the Minister yesterday from Parliament House in Sydney.

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What is The Cash Show and why did James bring it to Australia? It's a trivia show with a difference. It’s a free App viewers download to their mobile device and it gives away $500 every night. Every viewer is a player and can win real cash and other giveaways for selecting the correct answer in a cheeky new live trivia format. It’s also the first of its kind shot in Australia. There are 12 multiple choice questions for every show, which cover Aussie-centric and globally aware topics such as sport, science, celebrity and culture. Players start winning cash from question 6 all the way to the biggest cash prize at question 12.

The latest 2018 Sensis Yellow Social Media Report found that 71% of Australians social network in the evenings, with 96% of the participation happening from the comfort of their own home, making it no surprise the 13 minute nightly show at 9pm has been well adopted by users. Kerley keeps the audience laughing, broadcasting direct from their studio in North Sydney’s ‘Work Inc.’- a converted warehouse in the footings of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Real time audience participation allows players to interact with the host and each other, using a live social texting stream within the game. The team behind Cash Cab has also produced this vertical show with the impressive back end and app development from Zenjoy.

"It’s great to see the forefront of global technology beaming out of Australia, creating jobs for Aussies as well as entertaining thousands of viewers every night. It now means we can have infinite players, everyone can be heard via onscreen comment threads and a new type of community is spawning which is truly exciting to be a part of. We have viewers commenting and cashing in nightly in real time from Port Douglas to Port Lincoln, Noosa to Ningaloo, even Bondi to…. Bronte. I’m just as excited to see how new and traditional media merge over the next year.” – says host, James Kerley.




About James Kerley
James Kerley has long been at the forefront of innovation during his 15 year media career. He created and hosting the first sponsored Australian podcast for Foxtel in 2005 - Sarvo’ Bus Stop via Nickelodeon/Sony. He later hosted the first game show on wheels when Cash Cab was reinvented for Australian audiences for Channel V. In 2017 he developed and patented a selfie microphone, used all over the world by journalists who live stream and in 2018, launched Cash Show AU into Australia.


About Cash Show AU
Cash Show AU is a free daily trivia show hosted by James Kerley. Any person (ages 17+) can be a contestant of the daily 9pm show by downloading the app for free, from both the iTunes and Google Play stores. Tens of thousands of users across Australia join in each week for its daily games. Millennials in Sydney and Melbourne are the two biggest viewerships currently. Cash Show is created by Zenjoy, one of the leading gaming platforms in the world with over 200 million users across their suite of games and products. Globally, the Cash Show game has more than 10 million total installations, with an average rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

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